Extraordinary’s been our motto since we opened in 1992.  Back then, sustainability wasn’t really a developed concept, but we were always aware of the material choices we would offer, not only our customers, but our work force as well.  Although many of these items and practices required extra cost and implementation, we had a feeling it would reap benefits in the end, and by default, we had developed a highly sustainable line of products without changing gears; some like to say it was a happy accident; I prefer extraordinary.  


From NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde) substrates, to VOC (volatile organic compounds) compliant finishes, we strive to produce the most eco friendly products possible.  All of our products can help contribute towards a healthier interior space, while providing LEED credit in a variety of categories when applicable.  


As a company, we have cultivated lean manufacturing principles and embraced automated technologies which help contribute towards better material yields, less waste stream production, and enhanced product performance.  Scrap material is routinely converted into small sections for our sampling program or recycled through a local facility.


With the help of our industrial partner, Midland Properties, our business collaborative has established centralized cardboard and paper recycling throughout our facility, for not only our business, but all other businesses in the building (our facility is a 1920’s flat iron style warehouse; 550,000 sq. Ft. with over 30 companies).  Our new showroom opening this summer (2009) will feature fluorescent and LED spot lighting exclusively and is promoted through web based and electronic media only; and we are proud to say that our inside quoting system is now paperless with all incoming faxes converted to pdf before they arrive, and outgoing quotes sent and stored electronically.


It doesn’t stop there; if you are outside our Chicagoland area, we have partnered with EA logistics, the premier green transportation leader in the US to move all of our shipments.   In addition to the list below, we have launched an exclusive program with EA to pick up all of your packaging and crating material (after you are finished unpacking) from a shipment, and return it to a local recycling center (this service does require an additional fee and is optional).


The Delivered GrEAn by EA Logistics Program gives you the following eco-responsible actions at no upcharge to you.