Pre-cast concrete countertop surfaces are cast at a minimum 1-1/2" thickness. You may specify thicker tops (e.g., 2", 3”), but not less than 1-1/2" for countertop use. As far as length and width go, a general rule of thumb is not more than 9 ft. in length or 36 square feet in area; these are the maximums for our standard priced slabs. Larger slabs are possible (maximum width 72"; maximum length 141"), but only at an upcharge beyond standard slab pricing. Backsplashes are generally cast standard at a 4" height & at a thickness of 1". Full height backsplashes are also available.


Weight per square ft @ 1-1/2” thickness = 18 lbs.


1-1/2” thick concrete slabs actually weight in appx. 10% less than standard 3 cm granite.