Within the Chicagoland area, shipping and installations, along with the initial templating, is handled directly by Soupcan, Inc. For out of town orders, the slabs are shipped common carrier, on edge, in a specially reinforced crate. There is very little chance of any damage occurring when the slabs are packed and crated in this way. All shipping rates are based on weight and destination zip code. For an estimate on shipping to your area, e-mail, call, or fax our office with square footage details.


Installations should always be carried out by an experienced contractor or countertop installer. Although it is possible for the lay person to install our finished countertops, it is not recommended. Our product arrives to you in a completed state, including all cutouts and fixture holes. There should be no modifications necessary at the site. We always work closely with your installers to ensure that they have a good working knowledge of the installation before we ship the order. Detailed instructions on handling, moving, and installing the slabs are included with each order. For a copy of these instructions, contact our office.

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