Our concrete slabs are all pre-cast at our facility in Chicago. Each cast begins with a new mold. The molds are generated from field templates or shop drawings. There are several advantages to pre-cast concrete countertops:


   * Pre-cast molded slabs exhibit extremely flat, smooth working surfaces as compared to hand troweled finishes which are necessary with cast in place. Cast in place countertops are notorious for curling up at the corners due to un-even curing of the slabs.

   * Less inconvenience to the end user. The process of casting concrete can, and usually is quite messy. Add to this the fact that it needs several weeks of curing time before it can be adequately sealed, and one can quickly see the advantages of pre-casting at our facility. The slabs arrive complete and ready to install all plumbing fixtures.

   * Pre-cast slabs are removable and replaceable if necessary. Cast in place slabs can prove to be more difficult, if not impossible in certain situations, to remove if necessary,and, in certain situations will require destroying your cabinets to remove the countertops.