The maintenance one can expect of concrete countertops will depend on the sealer you choose for your countertops.  With either sealer, we recommend the use of a carnauba based wax twice a year to extend the life of the sealer. The honed concrete surface with a penetrating sealer will be similar to a limestone, honed granite, or slate. These surfaces exhibit very high scratch and heat resistance, but lower stain and etch resistance.


If you choose the aliphatic urethane coating, you will have as close to a stain proof surface as we can provide, and heat resistance will be somewhere close to 300 deg. F (similar to solid surface or laminate products.) The tops should be cleaned with a neutral ph cleanser, or soap and water. Use wash clothes or sponges when cleaning. Abrasive pads should be avoided as they will create hazed areas. Spills should be cleaned up within a reasonable time frame.


The penetrating sealer can be applied by sponge and just soaks into the surface in 30-45 minutes. One coat is generally enough. It should be applied every 2-5 years, depending on use/abuse of the countertops. The aliphatic urethane coating has a theoretical life span of about 5-10 years depending on use/abuse over time.  Either sealer, and the wax, can be ordered through our company to re-seal your countertops at some point in the future.  As with any countertop surface, cutting boards should always be used when chopping or preparing foods. Incidental food contact is not a hazard or a problem.