All of our slabs are reinforced with the latest in fiber reinforcing technology (We do not use fiberglass fibers in our concrete. Fiberglass produces a "hairy" surface and does not absorb color well.). This proprietary formulation drastically reduces the chances of both structural and hairline cracking by providing both primary and secondary reinforcement. Unlike conventional wire mesh and rebar reinforcement which acts only after a crack has occurred, our reinforcing formulation actually prevents cracking (80% less cracking vs. conventional wire mesh and rebar reinforcement) and, in the event that a hairline crack does occur, it ensures that the crack will not spread or cause structural failure. Although unlikely, hairline cracks may still occur and are considered character marks, not defects. If they appear, it is most often at openings in a slab such as a sink cutout. They can occur while the slab cures, when the slab is being handled, or years after installation. They are absolutely non-structural and actually add to the enduring patina that all concrete slabs exhibit with time.