Our Copper countertops are constructed using 16-20 ga.copper sheeting. The Copper sheeting is formed around a substrate and laminated in place using a special adhesive and vacuum press technology. Copper, in it's polished state, is an orange-gold color , but it will rapidly oxidize creating a rich, monochromatic patina. The top can be polished at any time (10 days or ten years after installation), to return the top to it’s original pristine state, but the oxidation process will start over again, therefore, many of our clients prefer the top be left to oxidize naturally.


These tops can be utilized with drop-in, self-rimming sinks, select undermount and farm sinks, and integrally formed and welded copper sinks. Maximum width of the material without a seam is 44". Maximum length, before a field seam would be necessary, would be 9’6”". Backsplashes can be supplied as separate pieces, or integrally formed into the countertop under certain circumstances. Other uses would include fireplace surrounds and decorative wall panels.